Hello lovelies,  (◕‿◕✿)
I’m nothing special, just an ordinary girl living out my own dreams. I’ve been through so much in life, all the bittersweet and pain. So don’t judge me before even knowing me. xx
I’ve good days and bad days just like everyone else, but I try not to let the bad day affects me, and look more on the positive side. (^__^)
I’m not good at expressing myself, and I can get really weird and craZy sometimes. I’m a hopeless dreamer and wallflower, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. xx
I’m the girl that often sat at the back of the class and someone that fades in the background. I get attached too easily and I cared way too much.. Sometimes, I’m my worst enemy. I’m a shy person, and I’ve always been compared to a mimosa. In case you do not know, mimosa is a type of plant. Hahah. My personality type is INFP. x

I’m a misfit and I blow out my candles on every April 25th. I’m a Taurus baby. My favourite colours are purple, pink, white and blue <3  I'm a free spirited soul and lover of nature.
I live on the moon and I love sprinkles, sparkles and glittery things. Basically, I’m just weird and quirky. lolz. What else can I say? 
Life has always been a huge roller coaster ride for me, and now I’m really getting tired of it. I just want to put everything down and let go..
My greatest enemies are bullies, backstabbers, and hypocrites. I hate them a lot. World would be such a better place without them all.

Music, Art & Blogging are my best source of expressing myself, and also my escape from the outside world. Anyway, do feel free to message me for any song recommendations. I’m always looking out for new music. xx
So yeah, that’s pretty much it. If you’ve any questions about anything, need help with something, or need someone to rant to, just drop me a message. I will be more than happy to talk to you. (:
If you take your time to read this, thanks! ily! x <3
Bye! xoxo