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Friday, August 26, 2016

Hello lovelies,

Welcome to my blog/mind! So, I've always been interested in blogging and I've been wanting to start this blog forever, which I never did till now. But I'm glad that I finally got around to it!

This blog is a place where I'll be sharing my thoughts, personal style, artwork, design, music, inspirations and everything in between. So stay tuned for more! (: x

For starters, I will share 10 little facts about me.

1. Basics/The blogger
Well to start off, I’m a shy and introverted person. You can see that from the illustration above hahah. I’ve always been compared to a mimosa. In case you do not know, mimosa is a type of plant. I’m not good at expressing myself, and I can get really weird and craZy sometimes. I'm the least athletic person you will ever met. I'm bad at sports and dancing. I've no coordination or whatsoever. I admire those who can dance and do sports really well.

2. Interests/Hobbies
I enjoy blogging, reading, writing, taking photos, listening to music, playing the guitar, watching movies and love all things related to fashion and design. Besides that, I also enjoy drawing, sketching and painting, basically art in general.

To me, art is a form of expression and communication. It’s a way that allows me to express myself as well as to convey my thoughts and feelings without having to worry about saying something wrong. Art not only creates a sense of mystery to me, but also speaks to me. It has the ability to articulate abstract thoughts which separates us from other life forms. x

3. How did you come up with your blog name/url?
For those curious bunnies wondering how I've came up with my blog name, I will explain it below. Here is a brief definition of misfit in case you don't know what it means.

Definition of misfit

noun  mis·fit \ˈmis-ˌfit also ˌmis-ˈfit\

: a person who is different from other people and who does not seem to belong in a particular group or situation

: a misfit doesn't fit into anyone quite right, and are usually introverts. Misfits tend to follow their own beliefs, and are usually persecuted for it. Misfits tend to be hated for no reason, have few good friends, and are usually intelligent and mature, and sometimes sort of insane and depressed.

Well, I've decided that "The Pretty Misfit" would be my blog name because I don't really fit into any social classes and I'm considered to be awkwardly different from others even though I don't potentially seem like I am hahah. But of course, this doesn't define me but it plays a part into who I am today and it explains a lot of my past. So that's how I came about with my blog name.

4. Who is your fave artist?
My fave artist is Jen Mann. Jen Mann is a Canadian pop art painter. Her Art Works are really unique and breath-taking. The bright neon colours of her work blend and overlay each other, creating a double-exposures mirror and reflection. You can find her work here. x

5. Things I love
I love sprinkles, and glittery things, basically things that's colorful and sparkles heheh. ✨
I love fluffy plushies alot as well they're so adorable omg *.*

Besides that, I'm also passionate for music. I love music way too much. I can't go a day without listening to music. It's basically my life. Oh, and I can't leave my music without my earphone. It's a habit I guess hahah.

6. What kind of music are you into and your fave songs?
I'm particularly keen in Alternative, Indie rock/pop and Pop music. My fave songs atm would be Somebody else by The 1975, Roman Holiday by Halsey, One Last Night by Vaults, Lost Boy by Troye Sivan and Promises by Andain.

Some singers/bands that I like: Avril Lavigne, Carly Rae Jepsen, Halsey, Lana Del Rey, Imagine Dragons, Marina and The Diamonds, Melanie Martinez, One Republic, Sia, Sky Ferreira, Skylar Grey, The 1975, Troye Sivan and more.

I just listed some of my fave singers/bands, but there are others I like. Anyway, if you would like to share and talk about music, do feel free to message me for any song recommendations. I’m always looking out for new music. xx

7. What are your fave movies and TV shows?
Fave movies: Harry Potter, Parent Trap, Princess Diaries, She’s The Man, So Undercover, Zootopia, Tangled, Beauty & The Beast, Clueless, Wild Child, Devil Wears Prada, Nancy Drew.

Fave TV shows: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Doraemon, Superman Return, Running Man, Princess Hour, W.

So that’s all for now! Feel free to message me if you want to recommend me your fave movie/shows, I'll definitely watch it! (:

8. Quotes that inspired/motivated me?
"Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way."  — Martin Luther King

"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness."

9. My Diet/Lifestyle
I’m a pescatarian and I've been adopting this diet for a couple a years. Wondering what a pescatarian is? Read on for a simple definition.

Definition: Pescatarian is a word sometimes used to describe those who abstain from eating all meat and animal flesh with the exception of fish. In other words, a pescatarian maintains a vegetarian diet with the addition of fish and other sea foods such as shrimp, crabs and lobster. A pescetarian is a person who eats fish, but doesn't eat steak, chicken, pork or any other kind of meat - only fish and seafood, and a pescetarian diet is is a diet that includes fish but not steak, chicken, pork or any other kind of meat.

The reason why I've adopted a pescatarian diet/lifestyle is mainly because of animal cruelty and I personally don't really like to eat meat. (Yeah, weird I know) Besides, there's many health benefits of adopting a pescatarian diet and it can also be a stepping stone to a fully vegetarian diet.

10. Did you have other blog besides this?
This is actually my second blog. I do have another tumblr blog which is my main. Some of you may know me from there. x

So that's about it. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy reading these little facts about me! Feel free to message me or leave me a comment if you want to know anything else or if we have anything in common! x

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